Patients Quarantined in Wuhan with Pneumonia of Unknown Cause, Test Results to be Announced asap

This is a very quick & rough translation of Yicai‘s latest news article (2019-12-31 10:16:19 Beijing Time) 《武汉不明原因肺炎已做好隔离 检测结果将第一时间对外公布》 ———— On the evening of the 30th, a red-headed (official) document entitled “Urgent Notice on the Treatment of Patients with Pneumonia of Unknown Cause” was widely distributed on the Internet. According to this document, it […]

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For this “Progress Briefing Conference over the Food Safety Diagnostic Action” hosted by China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA), Mr. Jun Yue served as Mandarin-English simultaneous interpreter.

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