同声传译「菲律宾教育系统Acer Altoscloud VDI产品考察交流研讨会」

[点击图片查看详情] For Acer Philippines VIPs’ China Exchange Delegation, Mr. Jun Yue served as a Mandarin-English simultaneous interpreter for its two seminars on Acer Altoscloud VDI. [CLICK PICTURE TO READ MORE]

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英语录音项目:英文学习期刊《初中生 · 爱英语》

[点击图片查看详情] Thanks to Dingwen, the chief editor of the English language learning magazine, for mailing me hard copies of some recently published editions. I am honored to have contributed to the audio books of these editions as an English language narrator. [CLICK PICTURE TO READ MORE]

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「104天环游地球:和平之船」Around the World in 104 Days with Peace Boat

是的,我获得了一张免费的环球航行船票。其实,你也可以。那么,具体要怎么做呢?…… [点击图片查看详情]

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