听Lennart讲Lindy Hop的复兴

[点击图片阅读全文] 本文为2018年11月7日晚Lennart在猫角的讲座内容摘要,根据本人笔记及回忆整理,未经讲者本人审阅,仅供对Lindy Hop复兴历史感兴趣的朋友参考阅读,部分人名、地名等信息不够准确,欢迎反馈,随后会及时更正。[CLICK PICTURE TO READ MORE]

Swungover in Beijing: STB 2018

To me as a budding Lindy Hopper, who accidentally stumbled into the universe of swing dancing a little over half a year ago, this event felt like a sweet dream but so tangible, a fantasy but so realistic. It was just really magical.


[CLICK PICTURE TO READ MORE] For the public diplomacy lecture of the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan - “Hollywood Movies versus Reality: U.S. Police Force Demystified”, Mr. Jun Yue served as Mandarin-English consecutive interpreter and bilingual MC. He was also responsible for planning, promoting and implementing of the lecture. The speaker of the lecture was the Regional Security Officer (RSO) of the Consulate - Mr. Troy Hively. [点击图片查看详情]

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