English for International Communication – An Online Workshop for 2020 Cohort of HUST’s MIB Program

Short link to this page: https://wp.me/p9TcKH-Ro

For an easier access, please use the new page link: https://mib2020hust.lofter.com/post/4b3a77c1_1c9b006c5

#updated: 09:37 June 16, 2020

Welcome to this online English workshop for international communication!

This is Jun, your course director and instructor. I’ve been working as a cross-cultural communicator and a language educator for about 15 years, and I am really glad to have this opportunity to work closely together with you in the following weeks. Here is my short bio in case you are interested to know a little more about me.

We are going to have our first session from 10 am on June 18th, and please make sure that you get the link, meeting ID and password beforehand. For the first meeting, we will get to know each other; you don’t have to prepare anything, and please just feel relaxed.

Here are some photos of a similar course years ago if you’re curious. But of course, the formats are fundamentally different: that one was face-to-face and this one is carried out online. With full of hope in heart and mind, we will meet in person soon one day in a new world recovered.

Please save the short link to this page (https://wp.me/p9TcKH-Ro), and I will keep it updated for the forthcoming meetings: sharing documents, resources, references, and other details, etc. If you have any questions or any ideas to share with me or your classmates, you can submit them from the comment area below this page.

Alright. See you all on Thursday morning.


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