“I’d Like to Buy Terry a Coke”

Yes. The inspiration of this adapted music video, “I’d Like to Buy Terry a Coke,” comes from the groundbreaking 1971 “Hilltop” television commercial for Coca-Cola: “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.”

If you haven’t got a chance to watch the original version, it is available through the links below:

And below are the links to our adapted version, as a surprise goodbye gift to Mr. Terry Mobley (Consular Chief) – a widely commended and highly praised role model of prudence, professionalism, dedication to work, and consideration to others. This list can go on and on and on for extra long.

We chose to adapt this classical Coca-Cola music video because Terry has been a massive fan of this American brand. You hardly see him without a can of Coke in hand. Well, this might be a little bit exaggerated.:) 

What’s more, Terry has always been the most loyal customer of LEA-operated “drinks & snacks bar,” which is based on statistical fact.:) He contributed so generously to a closer LEA, FSO & EFM community within the Consulate.

Don’t miss the “behind the scene” part of the video! This part documented how we did this whole project secretly. Almost all LES and a U.S. intern participated.

If you want to learn more about the stories behind the original TV commercial, here is a page on Coco-Cola’s official website: The Making of “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke. You will find very detailed documentation of the ins and outs around it.

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